An important mission of the school is to foster and consolidate academic links and collaboration with other academic institutions and professional bodies locally, nationally and internationally.We now have an outstanding team of guest professors who are renowned experts and scholars. At the end of 2013, Dr. Eddy F. Y. Liew, Fellow of Royal Society (FRS) and Professor of University of Glasgow, UK joined our school as an Honorary Chair Professor of Soochow University, reflecting active ongoing academic collaboration in our School. At present, there are many prominent Chair & Guest Professors actively involving in research collaboration and teaching. Among those internationally renowned scholars are Eddy Liew, Guoping Zhao (Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences),  Peter Delves (Vice Provost and Professor of Immunology, University College of London, UK) and Bin-Feng LU ( Associate Professor , tenure of University of Pittsburgh ) ,et al. During 2013 and 2014,15 investigators from other research institutes of the university have been appointed as guest (part-time) professors in our school.The Dean¡¯s Forum invited more than 20 renowned scholars to give lectures.Many faculty members participate in international conferences and present their results on international platforms. Meanwhile, students of our school enjoy opportunities to travel overseas for international meetings and academic visits.


Nobel Laureate Martin Chalfie visited School and gave a lecture Professor Foo Yew Liew, Fellow of the Royal Society visited School and gave a lecture
Collaboration at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA Prof. Peter Delves of UCL, UK joins the school as a guest professor


¡¤The Vaginal Microbiome in Health and Disease
¡¤Emerging infectious diseases and a novel tick borne bunyavirus-SFTSV
¡¤From Systems to Molecules--Understanding the regulation of NMDA receptor functions
¡¤The role of IL-33 in infectious and inflammatory
¡¤Bile diversion to the distal small intestine has comparable metabolic benefits to bariatric surgery
¡¤Lecture Series about ¡°Food Quality and Safety¡±
¡¤The research and development of monoclonal antibody medicines
¡¤The Regulation of Epigenetics on Genome
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