The School consists of 12 departments, which are committed to  maintain and enhance undergraduate and postgraduate education with the highest standards; and  nurture and augment excellence in biological or medical research and pertinent basic sciences. Examples of our success include the Department of immunology winning over 60 major research grants from different funding bodies in the last 3 years, and their research activities have resulted in over 20 papers published in top level peer-reviewed international journals. In the last two years, the Department of Genetics has undertaken over 20 major research projects from funding bodies such as the Ministry of Science and Technology (i.e. '973' Program) and the Natural Science Fund of China, with over 50 papers published in peer-reviewed international journals. The Department of Applied Biology has made outstanding achievements in silkworm functional genomics and its genetic molecular design.  
School of Biology & Basic Medical Sciences Soochow University
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